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Craighall Primary School has a strong tradition of active participation from all stakeholders (children, parents and staff) and has been at the forefront of educational opportunities since its opening in 1918.

We educate our children to be happy, enthusiastic and diligent learners who are valued for their individuality. We encourage engagement, self – reliance, responsibility and independence and promote the development of the whole child through strong curricular programmes and a large variety of extra-curricular opportunities. The holistic approach is reflected in our motto, vision and mission, which lie at the heart of what CPS stands for. READ MORE.....
The successful functioning of a school does not just happen. The levels of complexity are high, the responsibility to deliver excellent education is significant, and there is a need to operate at both strategic and operational levels. So much has to be accomplished daily without neglecting the need to prepare children from a variety of backgrounds for a future that may well involve more change than the past.

Doing all of this successfully does not happen in isolation. In a school context, success depends on how well the school management team, the school governing body (SGB), the PTA, the educators, the parents and the broader community perform and collaborate.  Without a committed and integrated effort of all those involved in various capacities at CPS, the school will fail to replicate past successes let alone continue to improve and better position our children for success. READ MORE....


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