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Craighall Primary School has a strong tradition of active participation from all stakeholders (children, parents and staff) and has been at the forefront of educational opportunities since its opening in 1918.

We educate our children to be happy, enthusiastic and diligent learners who are valued for their individuality. We encourage engagement, self – reliance, responsibility and independence and promote the development of the whole child through strong curricular programmes and a large variety of extra-curricular opportunities. The holistic approach is reflected in our motto, vision and mission, which lie at the heart of what CPS stands for. READ MORE.....

Elke Smit

Andrea Prout - Jones

Sharon Martin

Graeme Cruickshanks  (Infrastructure)

  Nicky Nicholls
(Data Analysis)

Sifiso Simelane

   Zayne Syed

Ali James-Mela

Musi Sibanda
The current SGB is committed to ensuring that CPS continues to build on the amazing work done over many years to bring the school to the point where it has an excellent reputation and is a school of choice for many. Most of the work done by the SGB happens behind the scenes, and the scope of this ranges from renewing of the school’s insurances annually, to renegotiating service provider contracts, to maintenance of grounds, and the ongoing development of the school’s infrastructure, to name a few.

The CPS SGB is an active body and meets at least monthly as a full Board and there are regular sub-committee meetings of, for example, the Finance Sub-Committee. Less formally, the members of the SGB are often at the school meeting with school staff to discuss issues of maintenance, or plan or assist in any way we can.

It is also the SGB’s responsibility to ensure that the finances of the school are managed effectively, and that the school’s limited resources are directed appropriately. The CPS SGB has a Finance sub-Committee, chaired by Elke Smit as the Treasurer, which meets monthly, over and above the full SGB meetings. READ MORE...

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