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Learning is a creative process. What we learn depends, for the most part, on how we learn, on the learning place and learning atmosphere, the time, the rhythm and the clearness of presentation. Learning by means of art-based methods opens up specific spheres of experience and development Art and culture are indispensable elements of a comprehensive education, the objective of which is to achieve the maximum benefit for and best possible development of each and every individual and thus enable every individual to participate actively in society as a constructive member of the community.

Artistic processes are always those that involve a seeking of individual paths, and at the same time they promote and expand creative thinking. They bring new understanding of oneself in combination with greater understanding of and new connections with the world. They produce insight and knowledge in a special way.

Thus we offer a variety of activities, over and above the timetabled experiences, to develop these vital skills.

Extra- mural art is for children in grades 4–7. They are encouraged and guided to enter art work for the Eisteddfod and for other art competitions that arise from time to time. Competitions aside, children are involved in various art projects that stretch their creative skills and understanding of art.

Our chess club is finally reaching the standards we envisioned for it. We have about 30 children who are dedicated to chess. The skill levels are varied - from beginners to proficient players. We are hoping to build the proficiency that will allow us to compete against nearby schools. From 2016, computer-based chess will be introduced to make it more enticing and exciting.

The choir consists of between 70 and 100 children. Each year there is a different theme which allows for variety and the continuous learning of new material. Every year the choir participates in the Eisteddfod. We also host a choir festival where various local schools come to showcase their talents; it is an event not to be missed.

COMPUTER CLUB (Project Research)
The Computer Club is a 45 minute session for all learners from Grade 1-7. The primary focus is creative thinking and planning as well as consolidation of work taught in class. We use two very specialized programmes for this:
  • Junior Primary Club: Knowledge Network® 6to9
  • Senior Primary: Knowledge Network® 10up
The Computer Club is very popular with the foundation phase with class sizes reaching over 60 learners per session!

We are so lucky to offer two dance sessions as an extra mural; one for juniors and one for seniors. These classes are designed to teach students different styles of dance, such as Hip Hop and Modern Jazz. These classes give the students the opportunity to express themselves, develop their self-esteem and confidence while having fun learning to dance.

This extra- mural is for grades 5–7. Due to large numbers of eager performers, auditions are held to determine who is chosen for this group. The children are involved in the drama Eisteddfod, both individual and group. They also work towards a show, either as leads in the school concert or as performers in the extra mural concert.

Each child from Grade 2 – 7 is given a log-in code for Mathletics. We do Mathletics during school and homework is given for the children to complete. This extra mural allows children to complete their homework at school as well as develop their skills in Maths.

The skills required to speak to an audience are developed in order to build confidence. The pupils practise on a weekly basis and those whom we feel are competent speakers are encouraged to enter the Eisteddfod as well as other various public speaking competitions.

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