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Mathletics is a web-based, on-line Mathematics teaching and learning resource. Mathletics has been used in many schools for a number of years and we think that this technology has greatly assisted the learning process.

Mathletics is used by more than 4.3 million learners in 17 000 schools worldwide. Partly based on internet games, the children compete against other children from around the world.

Among its many strengths are:
  • Children want to use the site for Maths
  • The average improvement across all grades, countries, abilities is 21.1%
  • A teacher centre allows teachers complete management of the child’s progress as well as lots of resources to use in the classroom.
  • Parents have free access to the site to monitor usage and progress.
  • It covers the full curriculum from grade R – 12
  • Children can proceed at their own pace, to revise or to move ahead if applicable
  • Access to Mathletics is from any computer that has internet access, allowing weekend and holiday usage at all times.

We believe that it is a good example where the school, parents and the children can work together to develop a better understanding of Mathematics in a fun and challenging way. Each learner has been allocated a username and password. The site can be used 24/7 from any internet-connected computer.

We hope you will agree that using the best technology to encourage the fun learning of Mathematics will be of benefit to all the children.

If you would like to monitor your child’s use and perhaps request a weekly e-mail update, please follow the guidelines on the following page.
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